World Tourism Day in Moldova 2023

World Tourism Day is an important occasion to promote Moldova's tourism potential and highlight the resilient and sustainable development of the tourism industry despite the challenges posed by the post-COVID period and the conflicts in Ukraine.

Globally, on September 27th, World Tourism Day is celebrated under the auspices of the World Tourism Organization. This professional day will also be commemorated in the Republic of Moldova through two prominent events - a tourism industry symposium and an awards gala for excellence in tourism. Both events will take place on September 27th at the main hall of the National Museum of Arts and will be attended by tourism industry professionals, officials, partners, and the mass media.

The Republic of Moldova's Tourism Industry Symposium, with the theme "Resilient and Sustainable Development Despite Challenges," will feature presentations from 10 foreign experts in various tourism domains. They will provide insights into tourism developments focusing on global trends and established best practices in tourism, including crisis communication, climate change, post-pandemic effects, technological innovations, and other factors that can significantly influence how Moldova can develop a sustainable tourism industry that is valuable for the economy and society.

The symposium will explore development and recovery perspectives for Moldova's tourism industry through strategies, policies, and systemic interventions. It will showcase the practices for developing an integrated tourism product aligned with market demands and sustainability principles. It will also delve into creating authentic narratives about Moldova's tourism offerings, including strategic communication and marketing with influencers, immersive technologies for managing cultural and tourist sites, digital marketing, and more. Experts from nine countries, including Italy, France, Israel, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, will engage with an audience comprising representatives from the business sector, academia, professionals, and officials in Moldova's tourism sector.

All those interested are invited to join this professional forum at the symposium to learn from best practices and lessons on how to develop a more resilient and sustainable tourism sector in the Republic of Moldova. Together, we can make World Tourism Day in Moldova 2023 a memorable and inspirational event. #BeOurGuest #MoldovaTravel.

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  • A strategic vision for a consolidated tourism industry

  • Enabling resilience and sustainability to accelerate the recovery of the incoming tourism industry in Moldova

  • FDI invest in tourism in the Republic of Moldova

  • Harnessing tourism recovery and inclusive development: pivoting on creative industries and cultural heritage

  • The role of transport / avia and railway connections in the development of tourism in Moldova

  • Supporting programs for the development of tourism projects at the local and regional level in Moldova

  • Digitalization: the new future for the tourism in the Republic of Moldova

  • Destination Management Organization (DMO) in Moldova

  • Projects to promote domestic tourism in the Republic of Moldova

  • Cultural Routes as a driver of the tourism industry

  • Gastronomy tourism in Moldova

  • Vernacular architecture and new generation designers in tourism developments: building sustainably, creatively and from the heart



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