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  • Awarding ceremonies

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  • Transformational tourism

    1. - Moldova Competitiveness Project’s impactful strategic support for long lasting development
      - Platforms for implementing transformational projects in the tourism industry. Lessons for the future.
      - The role of COE in the transformational tourism
      - Destination Management Office - Key tool for regional development. Best practices from Georgia and Balkans Countries
  • Sustainable and Safe tourism

    1. - Spectacular shift: From a mining city into successful tourism destination- Røros, Norway
      - 7 steps towards a durable destination, Visit Finland case
      - Securing tourist’ travel. Resilience and rebound from crisis
      - Implementing good practices programs to enhance tourism experiences in a new conjecture
      - Responsible community – conserved terrestrial landscape
  • Moldova Touristic Product diversification: Newcomers, Adventure and Events & festivals

    1. - How a tourist facility can boost the revival of a village, regions and serve as a pivot in cluster development.
      - The launch of agro-pension with complex and authentic experiences
      - The guesthouse launches
      - The reinvention of traditional gastronomy
      - The industrial site as a touristic destination
  • Proximity tourism and regional partnership for resilience

    1. - Regional partnership and unique routes. Pan-European Oeno-Gastronomic initiative
      - Moldova – part of Heripreneurship cross-border Project: New Investment Opportunities in
      Tourism Industry and Cultural-Creative Industries, At 7 UNESCO Designated Areas, in the Black Sea Basin
      - Slow food trend, Italy case study
      - Gastronomy routes, Poland case study
      - Cross border routes of Romania
      - Regional packages and offers: Moldova- Ukraine
      - Moldova’s cross- border routes. Potential to expand
  • Celebrities and Diaspora- unfolding Moldova’s spirit to the whole world

  • Financing tools for your touristic business idea in Moldova



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